There are tremendous opportunities to learn from the success and challenges of others to launch you to bless others and live your dreams. One of our dreams is to live in abundance: not limited in our ability to give (time, resources, love). Another dream is to help as many people achieve abundance in their lives as well.  What is your dream?

Over the past 20 years, Young Living has provided more than a million people with the opportunity to live their dreams. As Thomas Alva Edison once said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” We are blessed to be able to “work” with people who are committed to Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance each day. That work looks different for each person based on his or her goals and priorities; it’s possible for everyone though.

The following webinars, videos, and audio recordings are opportunities for you to learn from those who have paved the road ahead of you and experienced challenges, as well as success. Learn from their journey to maximize your own!

Education Infusion

Meetings that Duplicate

Questions About Signing Up New Members

Be an Overcomer!

People are Watching

Leaders were once Followers

What is your Why? Here is Debra Raybern’s story, The Widowed Mother.


Corporate Information

Young Living’s YouTube Channel

Northern Lights Farm Update with Jonathan Hopkins

Croatia Farm Update with Sera Johnson

Update from YL Corporate with Royal Crown Diamond Max Hopkins


Creating a Foundation

This is Young Living

Young Living’s Compensation Plan Video

Love it! Share it! with Laura Hopkins

Using the Virtual Office to Your Advantage

KISSED (Keep It Super Simple for Easy Duplication) by Sera Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions from Policies and Procedures with Laura Hopkins

Breaking Down the Commission Check

Role of the Enroller with Jonathan and Laura Hopkins

Sharing, Preparing, and Leading (a class) with Jonathan and Laura Hopkins

Design Classes that Educate and Inspire with Laura Hopkins

Duplication and Follow-up with Joy Ballard and Juleah Brooks

Silver in Six: Achieve It and Maintain It with Ruth Ann Voss

What to Expect at Silver Retreat

What to Expect at Gold Retreat


Building a Business

Seasons of Your Young Living Life with Jonathan and Laura Hopkins

Identifying and Supporting Leaders with Laura Hopkins

Leader Tools with Laura Hopkins

Accountant Paul Alexander Talks Taxes with Sera Johnson

Tax Topics with Jonathan Hopkins

Sharing Young Living Long Distance with Sera Johnson

Engaging Traditional Medical Professionals with Elyse Denning

Engaging Natural Health Professionals with Rhonda Favano

Beauty School Recap with Laura Hopkins

Mom of Six and Crown Diamond Courtney Critz speaks with Sera Johnson

Crossline Relationships with Rhonda Flint


Developing Leaders 

Duplication, Tools for Growth and Big Event Logistics with Sera Johnson

Difficult Conversations with Jonathan and Laura Hopkins

Financial Health with Jonathan Hopkins

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