Our name is a combination of the words thrive and intensity, and we desire that for our family and for yours. Our mission is to embolden and mentor families who choose to thrive in body, mind and spirit.

Seven years ago, not long after the birth of our first child, when we were first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils and our thriving journey began. This experience shifted our previously conceived ideas about wellness, purpose and abundance and set the course for the future.

We do not diagnose, prescribe or treat people or conditions, but we do educate and train individuals and provide them with tools needed to make healthy, informed choices to thrive in life.

Hopkins in the lavender 2012

Jonathan and Laura Hopkins

If you’re not a spammer, free to email us at: info (at) thrivensity (dot) com

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Laura,
    I met you at the FPEA home school convention yesterday and you…yes, you SAVED MY OVARIES. You blessed me with THE RAW FOOD FEAST which I plan to begin in one week from today. You inspired me to go to localharvest.org(which I just did) and I will be canceling my surgery to have my ovaries removed. I am confident that God is using you to be a vessel of knowledge for those of us who simply need …NUTRITION 101.
    Thank you for bringing pleasant wisdom to my heart and knowledge to my soul.
    In His great love,

    • What a blessing, Brenda! Thank you for sharing what the Lord has done in your life! Please keep us posted on your journey. It will be an encouragement to so many others. I’ll be back at FPEA next year and possibly another time if there is a need for me to return sooner. If you wanted to be added to my upcoming events notifications, you can email me at info@thrivensity.com.

  2. Hey Laura,
    Bought your book and looking through it just wondered if there are answers to the discussion questions or do we just answer with our own opinions? Thank you

    • Hi, Lori. I’ve answered this question via Facebook, so I’m not sure if this is a repeat or not for you. The answers are in the Activity Guide, which follows Unit 6 and is right before the Appendix. Enjoy!

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