Ten years ago, I used my first drop of essential oil on my four-month-old daughter. The rest of the story …  well, it’s still being written. But I found SOLUTIONS to my questions and everyday challenges as a first-time mom.

Most people who know me or have watched me the last 10 years know that using oil is now my lifestyle. I’ll oil up anyone or anything that can’t get away! I believe so strongly that God gave us solutions in nature, through the food we eat to the air we breathe, that I have seen amazing transformations in my life and the lives of those around me. From the oldest to the youngest member of my family and even the furry, non-human loved ones, each one has a testimony of improved quality of life from inhalation, ingestion, or topical application of an oil.

My choice did more than usher in a legacy of health for my family, it also will impact future generations because when I started just naturally sharing oils with others I started getting my oils for free. My network of health, like-minded friends and army of moms also exploded! Jonathan and I realized the dream of owning our own business, but it’s more than we expected … it’s a thriving global company! By simply choosing wellness for myself and finding His purpose for me in this journey, my family is experiencing true abundance … not being limited in our ability to give.

It must be contagious because everyone who joins us, starts experiencing the same benefits! Are you ready too?

Learn more about Young Living essential oils and products or watch our video about the Young Living global company. Contact us directly now through email.


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