Back to School Thriving

We don’t just survive, we THRIVE! Listen to TEN topics from TEN amazing moms, teachers, and Young Living members all about how they go Back to School Thriving! As a bonus, here’s a list of the Head of the Class EOs for every classroom!

Access our album with all 10 videos or click on each video:

1 Ace the Test, No Stress
2 Non-Toxic Classroom 
3 Switching on Your Brain
4 Mom-On-The-Go 
5 Sports Bag Ready
6 Immune Support
7 “Ya Gotta Eat!” 
8 Nighttime Routines 
9 Healthy Gut
10 Slique & Fit

This was a live class on Tuesday, August 16, 2016, and a recorded FaceBook class on Thursday, August 25, 2016.

leadership mtg 081116_Page_04_Image_0001

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