Thank you, self!


Have you ever been overwhelmed with gratitude? I mean moved to the point of tears? When you think about the path you took so many years ago, and you’re amazed by the blessings you’ve received from that choice? There’s not a day that goes by that one decision on September 27, 2006, doesn’t bless me. That was the day I choose to become a member with Young Living Essential Oils. I’ve never regretted it and have been amazed by the domino effect it’s had in my life. For the benefit of posterity and to express my grateful heart, I documented my thankfulness to my former self …

Thank you, Laura in 2006!

You made a choice that increased my mom confidence, blessed our family physically, mentally, and emotionally, and inspired others to make better choices. It all started with your fascination with the Young Living farms and Seed to Seal. You eventually learned to: plantharvest and distill, and how to explain it to others

Your intention to provide great health for your family put us on a path of wellness, purpose, and abundance. Your passion was to see others thrive and succeed in their health goals. What a blessing it’s been! Our journey isn’t over, but you started it!

Can you thank yourself too? Are you making small choices that lead to major life changes for the good? If you want to say, “yes” to Young Living like I did (a mom with a family to love and nourish) then there’s no better time!

Young Living allows members to join by selecting products from their most popular collections. You can select the kit you want ranging from $144 to $234 (plus shipping and tax).

What does it mean to say “yes” to Young Living? I don’t want to sell anything. You’ll fit in well because we don’t sell oils. Young Living does that. We’re a community of health-minded people who want the very best products for our families. We provide education about using the products and share our favorite resources so you can be in charge of and accountable for your own health. There is an optional referral commission that Young Living provides members for sharing with others just like when you tell your friends about a great restaurant or store because you love the service and products. But it’s optional!

I started with the Everyday Oils kit  because I knew that it could cover a variety of the needs I had as a mom, plus the diffuser (choose from several) is a great bonus. We recently moved and even a few weeks later the empty house still smelled great because the oils from my diffuser permeated the drywall!

PSK vitality.png

If you’re more interested in first replacing your toxic cleaners in your home, then the Thieves kit may be for you. I’m here to help you learn more about toxic-free living.

Thieves PSK.jpg

Of course, the anti-oxidant packed Ningxia Red kit allows you to get a head start on immune and cardiovascular system support.

NingXia Red PSK


So you’re ready to click here to get your Young Living journey started! You’ll thank yourself later and for years to come!


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