Education Infusion!

30 days of duplication

Are you intentional about achieving your goals and dreams?

Do you want to pursue wellness, purpose, and abundance with Young Living?

Would you like accountability to a duplicable model as you grow and build a successful business?

Are you prepared to make a commitment to excellence?

Are you ready for Education Infusion?

Building a Young Living business is not complicated, but requires accountability. We have seen our upline leaders in Young Living (including two Royal Crown Diamonds, a Crown Diamond, a Diamond within the six levels above us) model education and relationship marketing, and we strived to duplicate in our team too.

Over the past year, many of our team members asked us what we did to get to grow and eventually reach Diamond. We consistently and regularly taught classes and built relationships with members. At each level with Young Living, we have continued to do this, and our leaders who are consistently growing and increasing their commissions and bonuses also have done this.

Starting today, anyone in our team can join our Education Infusion when they read and commit to 30 days of duplication.


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