Education Infusion

Project Duplication: Education Infusion – February 1 to April 30

Grand prize – Live to Thrive weekend hosted at a city of your choice. This includes Friday evening leadership seminar and all-day Saturday educational event (value $1500+) by May of 2017.

1st runner up – Massage table and Raindrop Technique kit (value $300)

2nd runner up – Ancient oils of Scripture and book (value $250)

All participants receive:

  • Membership in Thrivensity Leaders Facebook page
  • DropBox access to leadership documents and PowerPoints
  • Exclusive training, teaching, and business coaching specific to the Education Infusion from Jonathan and Laura Hopkins and crossline leaders via the FB page.


Three categories (the top three winners from each category are eligible for three top prizes):

  • Distributor and Star (3 winners)
  • Senior Star and Executive (3 winners)
  • Silver and Gold (3 winners)


Competition based on accumulation of points from:

  • Number of classes taught or hosted – A person can only host a maximum of four times (20 points each – minimum of 12 total to participate)
  • Number of people in attendance at those classes (5 points per person)
  • Number of enrollments or reactivations from those classes – If a teacher and host are different, both receive credit. (10 points per distributorship)
  • Number of new ER membership from classes (10 points distributorship)
  • New ER enrollments that maintain ER in March and April (10 points per distributorship per month)
  • PSK enrollment and ER enrollment at the same time (40 points per distributorship)
  • Number of phone calls or handwritten notes to people from classes (5 points each and unlimited per distributorship)
  • Number of rank advancements – Points awarded as a percentage in relation to organizational size. (50 percent = 50 points)


To be eligible each participant must:

  • Be a member of Jonathan and Laura Hopkins’ Young Living team
  • Be on ER order of 100 PV or higher every month
  • Teach or host at least 12 classes in the 90-day timeframe
  • Make 5 or more calls or handwritten notes each week
  • Send an email to info at with a statement of commitment to the 90-day Education Infusion, to receive a participation packet
  • Track, record and turn in progress monthly and a final report by midnight on May 1, 2016


What is a class?

  • 45 minutes to an hour
  • Basic or advanced teaching, but always explain what an essential oil is and the YL Seed to Seal process
  • Always give an opportunity for new members to enroll
  • Skype, iChat, and FaceTime classes are eligible. Classes on social media (Facebook) do not qualify.
  • Not just education, but about interaction and opportunity to build relationships


All members will be verified. Members who do not turn in, falsify reports, or engage in unscrupulous activity will be disqualified.

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