Spring Reforestation

I’m always emphasizing the importance of getting to the Young Living farms and experiencing the true Seed to Seal process. Once you get dirt under your nails and leave some sweat equity behind, you will appreciate every drop of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil even more.

This was my first time to plant at the farms and was it a treat! We were eager group of distributors, who actually paid our way to WORK for the week in northern Idaho. Highland Flats Farm Manager Brett Packer had some green, albeit willing field hands for the week, and I think we earned each meal and shower!

It may sound strange to some, but we felt honored to literally dig in next to the Young Living employees and plant Idaho Balsam Fir seedlings. The fruits of our labor in the form of precious essential oil won’t be seen for right to 10 years until the plants become trees. As I walked the rows and packed the soil around each future evergreen, I prayed over them and blessed them, “You will be strong and mighty and produce oil that blesses the world!”

One day, we traveled down to the St. Maries farm and walked and weeded the Melissa fields. So much has changed (for the better) at the farm since my last visit in 2010. It’s exciting to hear Farm Manager Kevin Sagers share his vision for the future.

As an added bonus, we also harvested and distilled. Normally, harvesting only occurs in the winter, when the cold temperatures cause the oil to leave the roots and circulate through the tree to protect it from the elements and help it survive. However, a nearby farmer needed to clear a field so we harvested the trees rather than let them rot in a pile or become firewood. Then we distilled the chips into oil and got to bottle it too!

IMG_0634 DSC01897 IMG_0606IMG_0610 DSC01952 IMG_0641 - Version 2 DSC02012 DSC02016  DSC02021 - Version 2  IMG_0626 - Version 2 IMG_0584

Photos from each row, top to bottom, left to right: Working in the fields on the tractor, with daughter and mom team Clara and Joanna, and posing with Karen, blessing a new seedling, unloading a dump truck with chipped Idaho Blue Spruce, standing over the cooker with Karen – what an aroma!, Diane siphoning off oil from the separator, Clara bottling her very own IBS, Farm manager Brett Packer showing the process of the lab, preparing to white water raft in the cold mountain water, YL members/workers posing with St. Maries Field Manager Sabrina Ferris (first row, far left).

Please make it to a farm very soon! Until then, here is some motivation for Spring Reforestation 2016!

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