Beyond the Everyday Oils

This week on Thriving Third Thursday, I shared my Top 10 Single Oils and Blends from Young Living that I think are crucial to have on hand. This was not an easy list to make! There are many oils that my family uses daily that are not on the list, but if I were to have a backup for the Everyday Oils collection these would be the top oils. Many of my choices could be found in the Golden Touch and Raindrop Technique kits too.

The lists are below, but to understand why they made the Top 10, you’ll need to watch the replay.

Single Oils:

– Copaiba

– Cypress

– Geranium

– Idaho Blue Spruce

– Laurus Nobilis

– Ledum

– Lemongrass

– Ocotea

– Oregano

– Sacred Frankincense


– Deep Relief

– Di-Gize

– EndoFlex

– ImmuPower

– JuvaFlex

– Longevity

– Melrose

– R.C.

– RutaVaLa

– White Angelica

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