Young Living Grand Convention

The 2014 International Grand Convention is just around the corner! Whether it’s your first or 20th convention, you can expect Young Living to bless you tremendously with excellent speakers, relevant workshops, exciting new products, and many ways to have fun and celebrate one another’s success.

Here are some things you will want to know and ways to prepare. The best plan is to come with an anticipation to learn and be flexible. Nearly 8,000 people are registered, which is about double what YL has done in the past.  Although the general agenda is posted online, you will not receive a detailed agenda with the workshops until you receive your registration packet.  The Farm Day workshops will be listed too, but the entertainment most likely will be a mystery until we arrive in Mona.  Below, I’ve included my own tips for a successful convention that may help you prepare for …

▪                Where we can meet

▪                What to bring

▪                What to wear

▪                What’s at the Product Expo

▪                What’s at the Business Expo

▪                What’s at the Farm

▪                Kids Oil Camp

▪                and more!



I would love to be able to connect with each of you at the Opening Launch Party on Monday at 7 p.m. This is a casual come-and-go event; many people will be coming from the Leadership Session and in business attire, but that should not dissuade anyone from attending. There will probably be at least light hors d’oeuvres and some NingXia Red. One year, the hors d’oeuvres were a lot more than light, but to be safe, I would still eat at least a light dinner. Jonathan and I and our daughter Audrey will be looking for you, so please come say hello.

If you are an Executive or above, you will want to find us earlier in the day at the Leadership Sessions from 2 to 5 p.m. YL will be providing details about when and where to be to those of you attending.

Also, Wednesday night is a free night to get together. Silvers and above will be planning their own events. If your Silver doesn’t have a separate plan, you are welcome to join my family for dinner and fellowship. I will have those details at a later time. Last year, we met at local restaurant. Stay tuned!


1. People everywhere! A record number of people are registered for this convention, and we will be standing in line everywhere. The most congested places will be at the entrance to the general session, waiting for the doors to open, in the cafeteria, and standing in line to go to the bathroom. There is only reserved seating for Diamonds and above this year, so the lines will start forming at the general session entrance at least an hour before the doors open. Pack some Stress Away or Tranquility or whatever oil helps you go to your happy place. Be sure to pack comfortable shoes and maybe some Ortho Ease or Deep Relief, too!

2. Comfortable shoes are a must! With nearly 700,000 square feet of ground to cover at the Salt Lake Palace, your feet will be glad you brought some comfortable shoes. Because most people dress in business attire for the daily meetings many also pack tennis shoes or other comfortable footwear to change in to once they arrive. Personally, I don’t want to lug shoes around all day, so I invested in some comfortable/ergonomic shoes that are appropriate for business attire. Even if they’re ergonomic, make sure you break in new shoes because you will be covering a lot of ground (A wise woman once told me to invest in good shoes and a good mattress because that’s where you spend most of your time. After a few years of living, I concur.) Here is a link to the Salt Lake Palace’s Virtual Tour.

YL product Expo, Life Science Publishing and Sound Concept book stores, Break-out session rooms, etc. all spread out, you WILL be doing a LOT of walking!

3. Lots of Cold Air. The temperature of the main room has varied a bit in past years, but tends to be on the cold side. Sport coats and light sweaters are worn commonly.

4. Hydration and sustenance. While the Salt Palace offers snack and beverage kiosks, these can be pricey. To avoid having to leave a session and miss some important information, packing your own snacks will be a great help. Wolfberry and Slique bars, as well as NingXia Red and NingXia Nitro packets, are a small, easily packed item that will give you a needed boost. If you don’t get them on your next Essential Rewards order, you can purchase them in the Product Expo and the NingXia Bar.

5. What to wear? You will see everything from t-shirts and shorts to suits and dresses. My mom says to dress for the job you want, not the one you have, but here is the official word on the appropriate attire for the various activities.

General Session days: BUSINESS CASUAL OR BUSINESS – I wear skirts and slacks with a nice blouse or even a dress. Jonathan will wear a sport coat with a button down shirt on the first day and polo shirts with nice khakis by the last day. We usually are a little dressier on the first day because that’s when the euphoric picture taking occurs.

Leadership Gala on Tuesday evening – For those who are Silver and above and are attending, the attire is FORMAL. People will dress in everything from sequined gowns to Sunday dress clothes. I’ve worn former bridesmaid dresses and have reworked my wardrobe to accessorize some of the things I have worn in previous years. Be creative, not intimidated by this. The purpose is to enjoy yourself, not to stress about reliving the high school prom. It’s a sit-down dinner and mainly you are visiting/networking with those at your table (not assigned seating) and cheering for the new Golds and above as they walk across stage.

Farm day: CASUAL (and Comfy) – Prepare for the heat with light clothing that also protects from the sun! (See the sunscreen recipe with EOs on too.) I bring a backpack to keep my water bottle, wallet, extra sunscreen, NingXia packets, emergency oils (possible motion sickness prevention if you’re riding the bus), sunglasses, a hat, and camera. While flip-flops might be considered a logical choice for a casual day, they won’t serve you well when trying to get from place to place around the farm.

6. Notepads, laptops, iPads, cameras? This is a personal choice. Typically, YL provides a notepad and pen in your registration packet along with some sort of handy bag. Many people bring their laptops and iPads to take notes on and that is fine, too. Although in a breakout session last year about emotions, Gary made us take written notes, saying that it will help you retain the information better. Sounds good to me! During presentations, you will see lots of camera flashes because people are taking photos of the slides. This is acceptable unless the speaker says otherwise. Plus, you’ll want to have a camera for all of the cool photo ops!

*NOTE: Audio and Video recording is NOT ALLOWED at Convention! This is also mentioned in the Young Living Policies and Procedures. Just take good notes and then share what you have learned with others when you get back.

7. Registration – See #1. This occurs in the main lobby of the Salt Palace, which is the South Entrance off of West Temple. If you are a Silver or above, there are separate lines for you at Registration and there are usually separate ordering stations in the Product Expo as well.

8. What’s in the Product Expo?

– Nearly all of Young Living’s products that you can touch, see, and even taste! Be the first to try samples of the brand new products that will be unveiled at convention.

– Ordering Kiosks – you can purchase the new products and any other YL products and pick them up there or have them shipped. You will order and then be sent a text or email when your items are available at Will Call.

– The NingXia Red bar! You may purchase shots of NingXia Red either regular or with added oils, as well as their delicious NingXia Red slushies, YL t-shirts, hats, keychains, etc. This will be the first year for NingXia Nitro at Convention, and I’m sure they will incorporate it as well.

– New Product demonstrations from people in Research and Development

– Various farm managers are available to answer questions about distillation and provide a scaled down version of the process.

– Product handouts are available all over the Expo, so pick up whatever is free and take it home to share.

– They also have fun contests, giveaways, and raffles! If you are a hashtag expert, there will be some Facebook and Twitter challenges for you that we’ll learn more about as we get closer.

– Visit the D. Gary Young Foundation and learn how you can be involved in the Young Living Academy in Ecuador. You can select a child to sponsor at the school, make a monthly general donation or make a one-time donation. Funds specifically are needed for the new high school. All donations are tax deductible and when you visit Ecuador, you will get to meet the students whose lives you impact with your contribution!

9. What will we be doing at the Farm? 

First of all, be sure to register for the time slot you want to arrive.  Use your confirmation number to update your registration.  It’s a 1.5 hour trip, so those who want to visit the corporate office (3125 Executive Parkway, Lehi, UT) or warehouse (142 E 3450 N Spanish Fork, Utah 84660) on the way should plan time accordingly.

Besides being able to walk through the never-ending fields of purple lavender on the brink of being harvested (and many other herbs and plants blooming and growing), there is a visitor’s center with a “Walk Through Essential Oils History” tour, distillery tours (see the pressure cookers Gary welded together for his first distillery), farm tours, greenhouses, a mini-zoo, hayrides, man-powered rides for the kiddos, paddle boats, face painting,an old West town and western show, jousting at the Renaissance arena, a Native American pow wow, tents set-up with oil demonstrations and talks from the farm managers, a cafe with YL-approved goodies, tents with lots of YL swag and more! Please note that the oils you purchase at the gift shop do not carry PV, so buy the other things that are not sold on YL’s Web site. Last year during the distillery tour, they also had a bottling demonstration, and everyone received a FREE bottle of Idaho Blue Spruce. This is was an unexpected treat! That may not happen every year, but YL is sure to add some new things.

Once the Farm Day itinerary is printed, I will set a time and place for us to meet for a group picture. It’s completely optional, I love to see the photo of us with the mountains in the background. If you’ve seen my presentations, you’ve no doubt seen one or more of these photos.

As YL prepares for the massive amount of people to descend on the farm, you will note that there will be specific times for you to eat and you’ll need to make your plans for other activities from there.

There are limited areas of shade at the farm. We will find a spot near the brook and soak our feet around midday. Picnic blankets are a common sight too. No matter what you do be prepared to expect lines and people and take lots of pictures of yourself at the farm! This is just one of the things that makes us the world leader in essential oils!

What’s the difference between Farm Day (Friday, June 27) and Lavender Days (Saturday and Sunday, June 28-29)?  This is the first year Farm Day has coincided with Lavender Days, which usually occurs right before lavender harvest.  Typically, Farm Day is reserved just for Young Living members and their guests.  Lavender Days is open to the public and includes a 5K run, Family Fun Run and other activities.  Your convention registration allows you admittance to Lavender Days too this year.

10. Second year for the Business Expo – Several vendors, like Life Science Publishing and Sound Concepts, are on site to answer your questions and allow you to browse all sorts of sharing tools, books on using the YL essential oils and more. They usually have specials and free shipping specials as well.

11. Kids Oil Camp – Our seven-year-old has attended every year of Oil Camp and LOVES IT! In addition to entertaining the kids all day so we can learn, Oil Camp is a phenomenal way for the kids to learn too. Gary usually makes an appearance and helps the kids create an oil blend. They also get a goody bag with plenty of YL products. Last year, they focused on oral care and talked about nutrition. This is the first year they have made childcare available for the evening activities too, if you attend the Gala or Foundation Fundraiser. If you are parking and IF the Kids Camp is held in the same location as past years, the best place to park near the Kids Oil Camp is at the Plaza Hotel at 122 West South Temple (the corner of South Temple and West Temple, northeast of the Salt Palace).

12. Bring an extra suitcase or carry-on to take home your loot! With all the new products, the books and materials, etc. that you can gather, you might find your airplane bag over its weight limit. Having an extra bag or purchasing one in SLC (there is a mall east of the Salt Palace within walking distance), We drive to convention, but still have to pack everything in to get home. Leaving relatives in SLC to bring home more stuff is not an option, so plan accordingly!

13. Walk a Mile for a Child – This is a morning fundraiser for the D. Gary Young Foundation and the Young Living Academy in Ecuador. Stay tuned for more details about this first-time event!

14. Parking at the Palace – For those of you who drive, there are several parking options around the Salt Palace. It really depends on what’s available, so check out this handy web site that allows you to download an app for downtown parking.

15. Be ready to share your excitement from Convention when you get back! One of the most exciting things about going to the YL Convention is all the knowledge and the excitement about Young Living you will be brining home with you! Make sure to plan Post-Convention Wrap-up Meetings with your downline when you get home. Your excitement will rub off on them for sure! Did you know that the people who go to Convention have an explosion in growth in the Young Living group afterward? It’s the excitement and fiery passion for helping others that is conveyed and is contagious! Are you excited? We are!

That’s quite a bit of information, but perhaps you still have more questions. Send those to

Let the countdown to the 20th Anniversary Young Living Grand Convention begin!

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