Maintaining Sun-Loving Skin

Don’t get me wrong, I love the sunshine.  It’s great to be outdoors soaking up the rays, but I’m also a fair-skinned girl who tends to turn red suddenly when trying to absorb Vitamin D. However, I’ve had a hard time finding products available on the market that I worked and were supporting my overall health too.

Health food stores have some without the harsh chemicals, but they are PRICEY and lack the spreadability that I’d prefer because of the chalkiness of zinc oxide.  Fortunately, Young Living’s Essential Edge newsletter published the following recipe, which the editor Zac Layton said I could publish and share here complete with my photos to show how easy it really can be!  Please note: This recipe doesn’t contain preservatives, so you will note that the carrier oil can go rancid (not the Young Living essential oils), and it will need to be shaken vigorously to keep the ingredients from chunking together over time.  Some recommend storing it in the fridge long term.

First, I collected my ingredients:

5 oz of Young Living V-6 oil

1/2 oz of beeswax pellets

4 oz distilled water

2 Tbsp powdered zinc oxide

1 tsp Young Living Sulfurzyme

10 drops Young Living Purification essential oil blend

5 drops Young Living lavender

5 drops Young Living frankincense

5 drops Young Living carrot seed oil

Organic beeswax pelletsZinc oxide2 Tbsp Sulfurzyme

A 16-ounce bag of organic beeswax pellets, which act as an emulsifier, cost $13.74, but I will use only one ounce per bottle of sunscreen at $0.86 an ounce. ZnO, or oxidized zinc, comes in a powered form and a one-pound bagwas $19.51 (32 Tbsp), so two tablespoons per bottle amounts to $0.61.  Recommended by dermatologists, it will provide a physical block of UV rays, but is non irritating, hypoallergenic, and not absorbable by the skin.

Young Living Essential Oils that are beneficial for skin health in the great outdoors include Purification (8 drops for $0.64), Lavender (8 drops for $0.64), Carrot Seed (5 drops for $1.35), and Helichrysum (5 drops for $5).  Alternative oils to helichrysum include Frankincense (5 drops for $1.50) and Myrrh (5 drops at $1.40). Sulfurzyme capsules provide free radical protection via MSM at a steal of only $0.72 for two tablespoons or about four capsules at $0.18 each. V-6 oil comes in two sizes: $21.75 for 8 ounces ($2.72 per ounce) or $48.75 for 32 ounces ($1.52 per ounce).

If you use another carrier oil, the price will vary.  Substituting the unfractionated coconut oil in my pantry, the cost was $3 for 5 ounces of added UV protection. – Using a double boiler, add carrier oil and beeswax pellets to the small boiler in boiling water.  I used a glass bowl inside a larger bowl.  Then, remove the oil and pellets from heat when the pellets are melted and add them to a measuring cup of the distilled water.  The color will change slightly as it emulsifies.

Melting beeswax

– Using a hand mixer, slowly add the zinc, Sulfurzyme, and essential oils to make it a thin, white cream.  Simply pour the mixture into a dispensing bottle (we used a clean bottle that once housed KidScents Lotion) and for easy and immediate use!

Blended sunscreen top        Pouring sunscreen into bottle

Here is the cost analysis for you math people at $17.43 per eight-ounce bottle (and then some):

V-6 oil or coconut oil

$7.60 Beeswax pellets

$0.86 Distilled water

< $0.01 Zinc oxide

$0.61 Sulfurzyme

$0.72 Essential oils


Below is the alternative recipe cost analysis replacing frankincense* for helichrysum.  For a total of $13.93 per bottle:

V-6 oil or coconut oil

$7.60 Beeswax pellets

$0.86 Distilled water

< $0.01 Zinc oxide

$0.61 Sulfurzyme

$0.72 Essential oils*


For those of you who see hearts before dollar signs, this is the analysis for you:

No chemicals + Skin enhancing ingredients + UVA and UVB protection + Absorbing essential oils

Total = Priceless

If you’re not yet a member of Young Living, you can learn more here.

Oils for sunscreen

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