Economics of Healthy Living

“Eating healthy is so expensive!”

After a few years of crossing the country sharing my family’s story of wellness and God’s plan from the Garden, I created a class to debunk this myth and show others how eating healthy is possible on a budget!  It all comes down to reevaluating choices and determining where to invest your resources (time, money, energy).  For me, whole, living food and pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils are not only cost effective, but God’s plan by starting mankind in a garden.

So what about those “pricey” essential oils?  Well, they’re actually incredibly economical.  You don’t use a whole bottle every day for preventive purposes.  I have used a whole bottle reactively trying to get rid of sickness usually because I had become lackadaisical in the food I was preparing for my family and allowing my child to eat, but most bottles are still less costly than prescriptions and have no side effects.  The document below was originally posted on Debra Raybern’s site and lists the cost of a bottle of essential oil and the price of each oil per drop.  These are based on a 15 ml bottle having 250 drops and a 2 ml bottle having 80 drops.  Of course, each bottle varies due to viscosity, but the difference is pocket change per bottle.  Some of the oils may have increased in price since the publishing of this document, but again, once divided by each drop, the oils are still a highly effective and cost-saving opportunity!

Young Living’s Price Per Drop (PDF)

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