Young Living Products: Don’t Leave Home Without Them!

With our ministry of teaching and sharing Young Living, my family and I have the privilege of traveling quite often.  Whether it’s a 17-hour road trip, an international flight or a weekend retreat in the woods just down the road, we take our Young Living products with us always.  We practice what we preach and use them each and every day!

So with many traveling for the holidays, I want to share with you what I choose to take and the most efficient way I’ve found so far.  Of course, I’d love to hear your tips and techniques too!

Here are oils and items in my purse on any given day.  Typically, the oils inside are any or all of the everyday oils plus Di-Gize, RC, Stress Away and Sacred Frankincense.  When I go through airport security, I just put my oils, along with a packet or two of NingXia Red and NingXia Nitro into a quart-size plastic bag.  I’ve never had an issue with this.   According to Dr. David Stewart, the oils are not substantially effected by the technology used to scan them.  However, the oils I take with me are used often enough that they’re replaced every few months, limited extended exposure.  Also, we receive our oils via mail, so that process also has involved scanning.  Regarding your body, Dr. Dan Purser suggests topically applying eight drops of Young Living orange essential oil in the morning  on the stomach or inner thighs to minimize radiation exposure and provide an upsurge in your antioxidant levels.

Travel purse productsTravel purse products2

I love using the travel diffuser to enhance hotel room and rental cars or during a meeting.  In addition to the extension, it also takes AA batteries for a convenient air freshener anywhere!

For longer trips, such as two to three weeks with the whole family, I will take bottles of supplements.  However, I prefer not to have bulky bottles of supplements and typically use a pill box to organize my supplements when it’s just me and my daughter or for international flights.    I found the container pictured below at Wal-Mart for under $10, and I’ve used it for a couple of years now.  I paid a little extra for a sturdy box with lids that don’t pop open all the time.  However, if they do pop open, they’re captured in the larger bag.  Additionally, I write out which supplements are on filling the boxes for corresponding days rather than labeling each box in case I want to put something else in it next time.  This allows others to be the supplement dispenser for the family!

Travel supplement up close Travel supplement bag

I like to have these in a handy bag usually on the outer portion of my large (checked) suitcase so I can easily access it when I get to a location.

You’ll note that a keep one bottle, Life 5 separate because I like to refrigerate that when possible.  When flying during the summer, I will carry it in my person rather than checking it.  I also keep any oils that I take via capsule and the veggie capsules together.

Travel Life 5

We love road trips!  In addition to the independence and opportunity seeing the country via our truck, we also aren’t limited the weight of our luggage.  So I will pack an ice chest with our fresh foods and add a bottle or two of NingXia Red, depending on how long we’re gone) and Life 5 Probiotic in a plastic bag to protect it from melting ice.  Of course, we DO NOT leave home without NingXia Nitro now!  It’s an amazing cognitive enhancer with B vitamins for energy and no “five-hour” crash.  I also add Wolfberry Crisp bars and Slique bars to stave off hunger and provide nutrient-dense fulfillment.  They less expensive bought in advance than individual junk-ingredient granola bars bought on the run, especially at the inflated airport terminals.

Travel NingXia Red nitro and bars

Lastly, another product I take everywhere is Thieves.  Of course the oil itself is incredible because of how it supports the immune system, but I also like to travel with the hand sanitizer and the Aromabright toothpaste, which also serves a deodorant if you need to save space in your carry on.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It’s not sticky like traditional toothpastes so it applies smooth and effectively.  Try it!  You won’t be disappointed!  All Thieves products contain the Thieves essential oil blend of clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, eucalyptus radiata, and lemon.  So I’ll use the spray on toilets, handles, and air vents or to freshen a rental car or hotel room.  I like to wear the oils on airplanes and in crowded areas, which benefits everyone around me.  A couple of times people shot strange looks my way when they realize I’m emanating THAT smell. I aim to not be offensive or apply the oils in public and make a show, However, my husband suggested I make a t-shirt that reads, “I’m sorry you’re toxic.  I think I smell great!”

So what are your favorite Young Living items to take when away from home?  Please share your tips!

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