The ART of beautiful

“Beauty is the shadow of God on the universe.” – Gabriela Mistral, poet and author,1889-1957

We are His workmanship, made in His Image!  There is no doubt that the uniqueness of humankind is beautiful to our Creator.  I preface this post with these words to set the foundation that we first must understand beauty and the source of it before we delve into the topic of physical beauty.

Last month, my sister-in-love, Hannah Johnson came to visit and share her journey and experiences about being beautiful.  Despite being raised in a home filled with love and knowing the love of Jesus at a young age, Hannah struggled with external beauty from the age of 10 when she began dealing with acne.  She begged her mom, Karen, to buy any and all products that touted their relief and destruction of any and all skin issues.  However, none provided what she longed for:  beautiful, clear skin.  Hannah slowed resigned herself to the idea that she’d never be “pretty” like her friends. (She’s actually a knockout, but that’s how the enemy uses small lies to create a strong foothold!)

When Karen was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils in 2006, she started learning all she could about the oils to support her immune system. She started finding oils that would help Hannah too.  However, the first thing she instructed Hannah to do was to get junk out of her diet.  This wasn’t an easy task for the then college student, but she made strides.  She also began using Young Living oils like Melaleuca alternafolia, lemon, and Thieves on her face, shoulders, arms and back.  She also used spikenard for to improve the appearance of her skin, which bore the evidence of past skin problems. Her eating patterns became habits, and she focused on regular cleansing and fresh, living, raw foods.  The real turning point was doing the Master Cleanse for 23 days.  For the following six months, she didn’t experience a single outbreak.

On her wedding day, Hannah was a glowing beautiful bride – inside and out.  When she shares her testimony and the before and after photos, she admits that she never thought this would be possible.  I’m so proud of her and what she’s doing to help others overcome their beauty issues.

In March 2013, Hannah traveled to the mountains of Utah for the first-ever Young Living Beauty School.  She was amazed at how much she learned and was excited to bring her information back to us!

Beauty school apply cream crop Beauty school lady with mirror

If you’d like to attend Beauty School on November 8 and 9, 2013, you can register here while seats are available!

Here are the notes that I took and have implementing into my skincare regime:

–       Always start with clean hands!  I’ve always used a clean washcloth too because it prevents the spread of bacteria.

–       Cleanse your face in the morning and in the evening for best results.  Young Living’s cleansers are ART Gentle Foaming Cleanser and the Orange Blossom Facial Wash.  Both of these are mild and remove even thick mascara without any sensitivity to the eyes.  A little goes a long way with these and many men even use the Orange Blossom wash to shave.

–       Next, once or twice a week, you should exfoliate.  Skin replaces itself every 30 to 60 days, but exfoliating speeds up this process and eliminates dead cells so new cells may flourish.  Young Living’s only exfoliating product is the Satin Facial Scrub, which contains peppermint, roman chamomile and rosemary.  It smells incredible and leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

–       After cleansing, even if you don’t exfoliate, always tone the skin.  This was a step I often skipped mainly because I didn’t understand that the purpose of the toner is to rebalance the pH level of the skin.  A good toner, like the ART Purifying Toner, immediately restores the balance that would take the skin an hour to do on its own.  Containing sandalwood, frankincense and lemon, the ART Purifying Toner absorbs quickly and helps minimize pores.  Surprisingly, Hannah said, “Men have a greater need for toner because their pores are considerably larger.”  Who knew?

–       Refining is the next step that also should be done a couple of times a week after using the exfoliating step.  The two options Young Living offers are the ART Crème Masque, which features an exotic blend of essential oils, and the ART Beauty Masque, which contains Stress Away oil blend.  This is how you get your spa experience at home!  Because it goes on smooth and practically invisible, the crème masque can be left on for an extended time of enjoyment, such as overnight, and washed off before the next step.  Please do not reuse the fabric beauty masques after you use it for 30 to 45 minutes as it is made for a one-time application.  This is a wet masque and an excess solution in the packet can be spread over the neck and other exposed areas of the skin.  Share the love!

–       Next is the restoring step.  Typically serums have a lower molecular weight allowing nutrients to absorb deeply into the layers of the skin.  This is one of the benefits of using serum before a moisturizer.  The ART Renewal Serum combines Sensation oil blend and myrrh, delicate orchid and a unique blend of traditional Chinese botanicals.  Serum users should start to feel and see rejuvenating effects much quicker than just moisturizing alone.

–       Finally, the step that we all have heard about and may already do: moisturizing!  No matter age or skin type, this is a crucial step for hydration and protection of the skin.  It’s recommended to moisturize morning and night.  Young Living offers four phenomenal choices:  ART Day Activator, ART Night Activator, Sandalwood Moisture Cream and Boswellia Wrinkle Cream.

That’s a lot of great information, but what’s the best way to start?

The way I started was with the ART Essential Rewards kit.  This contains the ART Foaming Cleanser, Day and Night Activator and the Toner.  Purchasing this way allows a bigger discount and the toner is added for free.

ART skincare kit

Over time, I added the Satin Facial Scrub for exfoliating, and the ART masque and the serum to complete the steps for the entire process.  I’ve enjoyed redeeming essential rewards points for what I considered “luxury” items.  However, the more I use the products I realize how much they are a necessity for my skin.  My husband loves them too!  My neighbor (Hi, Danielle!) recently was surprised when I told her how my college friends and I were planning a reunion next summer to celebrate 20 years since we met.  She did the math and looked at me with eyes as round as saucers.  “Those oils are working!”  So, I’m excited to be turning 38 next month and still shock people when they learn my age.  I know that good food, God’s oils and intentional living I will continue to enjoy young living!

Here are some bonus tips from Hannah that she gleaned from Mary Young at Beauty School:

–       To combat rough, dry feet before bed, spread Animal Scents ointment from your toes to your ankles and put on socks.  I’ve tried this with dry hands too and it works!

–       Thieves hand sanitizer is a great spot treatment for blemishes and breakouts.

Dr. Dan Purser also encouraged everyone to put right drops of oil on the stomach in the morning for increased energy and antioxidants.  The citrol and d-limonene in orange oil pack a punch.  The only reason for putting it on the stomach was because orange can be photosensitive and if you put on the oil and immediately go into direct sunlight, it’s best for it to be on unexposed skin.  He tried this with other brands of orange essential oil, but Young Living was the only one that worked.  Hmmm, I wonder why?!

Also, Hannah recommends using a great makeup line called Tarte.  I recently ordered some after learning that Bare Minerals had been bought by Asian cosmetic conglomerate Shiseido and purportedly changed their formulations.  This was interesting to me because before I learned of this, I’d recently experienced some breakouts that I linked to using Bare Minerals.  So I’m transitioning to Tarte now.

Enjoy these products and insights and start seeing yourself as beautiful!  Remember to register for the next YL Beauty School on November 8 and 9 while seats are available!

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